Art School for children and youth

Basic education in the arts for children and youth at the Cable Factory

The Helsinki Artists’ Association Art School provides basic education in the arts for 4–18-year old children and youth. During the courses, diverse techniques are practiced: drawing, painting, graphic art, ceramics, and building. The teaching focuses on supporting the development of each pupil’s individual visual expression and encouraging pupils to experiment and play. The teaching is goal-oriented progressing systematically every year, and it is tied to the national curriculum of the basic education in the arts. Towards the end of their studies, the pupils get to carry out a diploma work. Teaching is organised once a week. One semester is comprised of 15 lessons. In addition to the Cable Factory, teaching is organised at the Rudolf Steinerkoulun C-koulu school the Tapanilan Hiidenkiven peruskoulu school the Laajasalon peruskoulu school the Jätkäsaaren peruskoulu school and Aleksis Kiven peruskoulu school.

Register for autumn 2023 courses for children and youth

The registration period for the autumn 2023 courses opens on 2nd day of May at 12:00. Continue registration before 30.4.2023. The course secretary will send a link by e-mail to the school’s students.

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Register for summer 2023 courses for children and youth

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