Though-provoking and inspiring contemporary art

The diverse exhibitions presented by the Helsinki Artists’ Association (HAA) display interesting and current contemporary art extensively. An open national and international call is arranged to all permanent exhibition spaces of the Helsinki Artists’ Association, and the exhibitions are curated in high-quality manner.

The gallery spaces of HAA include Gallery Katariina, the HAA Gallery located in Suomenlinna, Malmitalo Gallery, Gallery Arthur, and Gallery Rikhard. The latest exhibition space open to Member Artists is located at the Arabianranta Library. Additionally, media art exhibitions are presented regularly at Helsinki Central Library Oodi. Gallery Katariina, HAA Gallery, and Malmitalo Gallery present international and national solo, group, and invitation exhibitions. Gallery Arthur and Gallery Rikhard display HAA members’ exhibitions with a monthly rotation. The exhibitions at the Arabianranta Library change every few months.


Gallery Katariina

The iconic Gallery Katariina was re-opened after a few years’ break in August 2021 in a new space in the heart of Helsinki at Rikhardinkatu, right next to the Art Lending services of Helsinki Artists’ Association and the Rikhardinkatu Library.


HAA Gallery

Located in Suomenlinna, the gorgeous historical premises of HAA Gallery host 10–12 high-quality contemporary art exhibitions annually. The spacious and unique gallery on the touristy island creates excellent prerequisites for diverse and interesting exhibition activities.


Malmitalo Gallery

Located in Malmi, Cultural Centre Malmitalo provides diverse cultural services and events for visitors of all ages. Annually, Helsinki Artists’ Association produces 10 high-quality exhibitions in the Malmitalo Gallery in co-operation with the City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division.


Gallery Arthur and Gallery Rikhard

Located at the lobby of Rikhardinkatu Library as well as the Art Lending services facilities, Gallery Rikhard and Gallery Arthur present Helsinki Artists’ Association member artists’ exhibitions with a monthly rotation.


Arabianranta Library

The Helsinki Artists’ Association will offer member artists a new exhibition
space at the Arabianranta Library from May 2022. Exhibition periods are offered flexibly in periods of 2 to 2.5 months, ie 5 to 6 per year.