Malmitalo gallery

Photo: Sauli Närhi

Active collaboration with cultural centres

Located in Malmi, Cultural Centre Malmitalo provides diverse cultural services and events for visitors of all ages. Annually, Helsinki Artists’ Association produces 10 high-quality exhibitions in the Malmitalo Gallery in co-operation with the City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division. HAA also collaborates with other cultural centres located in the Helsinki region.

Cultural Centre Malmitalo

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Exhibition programme 2022

13.1.–5.2.2022 Pia Pejcic & Katja Sutisna: Natural and Unnatural 

10.2.–5.3.2022 Samuel Lehikoinen: Strange Questions  

10.3.–2.4.2022 Malmitalo’s own exhibition: ATTILAND 

7.4.–30.4.2022 Laura Melkinen  

5.5.–28.5.2022 Heli Lundström  

4.6.–30.7.2022 Estonian Painters’ Association’s group exhibition, HAA Europe project, summer exhibition The Sea 

4.8.–27.8.2022 Maija Toropainen 

1.9.–24.9.2022 Annu Mikkilä 

4.10.–22.10.2022 Maria Mughal

27.10.– 19.11.2022 Malmitalo’s own exhibition 

24.11.–17.12.2022 Ilai Elias Lehto 


Current exhibition

MALMITALO GALLERY | Maria Mughal: SEE ME October 4 – October 22, 2022

Upcoming exhibitions

Contact information

Malmitalo, Ala-Malmin tori 1, 00700 Helsinki

Opening hours

Mon–Thu 8am–8pm Fri 8am–6pm Sat 10am–4pm