Gallery Katariina presents the exhibition Plasticum by Mall Nukke from September 16th until October 2nd 2022.   

Welcome to the exhibition opening on Thursday 15th September from 5 to 7pm!     

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Image: Plasticum (2022), Mall Nukke


Mall Nukke: Plasticum 

The exhibition Plasticum by Mall Nukke (b. 1964) reflects on our plastic bag planet, where elements consisting of human bodies flow like rivers in artificial landscapes. The main driving force is consumption, resulting in a lifeless plastic environment.  

In the artist’s words:    

“In the Plasticum exhibition, I quote Kazimir Malevich with my triptych. He created the iconic painting compositions “Cross”, “Square” and “Circle” at the beginning of the 20th century. Back then, there were still ideals. In the XXI century, they have become a farce, turned into “perfect” plastic figures. The man-made environment is like a tornado that destroys everything in its path. And finally destroys its creators.    

..Where is humanity headed? Do we have more broadening perspectives on the horizon? Or is the world about to end for us forever? However, the hope remains that the end is not yet.”    

Mall Nukke (b. 1964) is an Estonian graphic artist and painter, known mainly as a collage artist. Mall Nukke emphasizes that the ideas on which her works are built are really simple. She has said that she works on the artwork “with a cool head and an open heart”, usually trying to improve the world by espousing idealist rather than rationalist views.   

Mall Nukke started her career as an artist in 1991 and had since 40 solo exhibitions in various countries, including Estonia (1986–2018), Finland (2012, 2016), Germany (2013, 2016), Sweden (1993, 2002), Latvia (2001), Lithuania (2003), Russia (2002, 2011), Ukraine (2002), France (2004), Italy (2005) and Australia (2018).   

Her works are internationally included in the art collections of the Estonian Art Museum (KUMU), Tartu Art Museum (Estonia), Lawra Art Gallery (Ukraine) and the art collections of the well-known philanthropist George Soros.  

Plasticum exhibition collaborators: Helsinki Artists’ Association, Estonian Painters’ Association, Cultural Endowment of Estonia  


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