HAA Gallery presents the exhibitions by Saana Murtti and Tiina Marjeta November 24 – December 17, 2022. 

Welcome to the exhibition openings on Wednesday, 23 November 5–7 pm! 


Images from left to right: Saana Murtti – From the series Beyond Preconceptions, ceramics, 2022 (image Johnny Korkman) & Tiina Marjeta – Human and the landscape, acrylic and plastic, 2020–2022.


Saana Murtti: Beyond Preconceptions (Hall 1)
In her ceramic sculptures, Saana Murtti explores ways of depicting and sketching out human experiences, while emphasizing the importance of a dialogical approach. Dialogical communication as a concept refers to rejecting preconceptions and questioning self-evident notions. Murtti’s interest in Martin Buber’s philosophy can be seen in her artistic work, in which she approaches her topic through both personal experience and theoretical influences, for instance, using concepts related to the phenomenological tradition.
Through her sculptures, Murtti examines the various levels of the inner world of experience that are often hidden in everyday life, and in which the invisible aspects of human experience are emphasized.
In her sculptures in the HAA Gallery she has examined the relationship between the human being and the surrounding world, especially considering the various aspects of this interaction. Murtti is also interested in our relationship with the world of objects: how do experiences, thinking and attitudes reflect and affect the material environment, and what phenomena does this give rise to.
The artist’s work has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.
Tiina Marjeta: At Home – Away (Hall 2)
Tiina Marjeta is a Finnish artist. Her sources of inspiration for painting are various marks and colours. Her current works are a mixture of personal experiences and the seen in relation to the world we live in right now. She sees painting as a somewhat similar experience to acting and assuming a position or role that is tied to this moment in time.
The At Home – Away exhibition is a kind of travelogue of the past few years.
Materiality in painting
Marjeta has made her works to break down, or at least without any durability in mind. Her works employ paints, recycled materials and materials not intended for use in art. In the end, only a pile of plastic may remain.
Tiina Marjeta is a full member of the Finnish Painters’ Union and has a long career as an artist, mainly as a freelancer while also teaching the arts. She has also held several positions of trust working with artists’ volunteer networks.
Exhibition purpose   
Tiina Marjeta says: ”The world seems to be breaking down into thousands of pieces around us. It is also filled with disposability and plastic. Why should art last forever in spite of that? And why should the artist redeem the promise of art capturing a time forever?”
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