Malmitalo gallery presents the exhibition The last intact window of the deserted by Heli Lundström 10–28 May 2022.

We follow the current guidelines by Regional State Administrative Agencies to ensure a safe exhibition visit.  


Image: Heli Lundström, Full flavor (detail) 


T H E  L A S T  I N T A C T  W I N D O W  O F  T H E  D E S E R T E D // H e l i  L u n d s t r ö m 

The exhibition The last intact window of the deserted by Heli Lundström deals with mental health, the connection between body and mind. Moments when the inner cry intensifies and the anxiety increases. The cry smolders and evolves, its growth and tentacles blow up everything in front of it. Fleeting temptations fascinate and meander, and inner emptiness overwhelms the mind. Somewhere further ahead is the hope of balance and the broth that extinguishes the inner cry. 

Lundström’s works often deal with embodiment. She builds a mycelium around memories, in which truth is questionable. Lundström works in a multifaceted way, through painting, sculpture, and installation. She experiments with different materials and their combinations without limitations. Fabric, paint, ceramics, glass, recycled materials. Different surfaces and textures remind Lundström of skin and tissue. She sculpts something that feels familiar, but at the same time, something that gives you the permission to play. 

Heli Lundström (born in 1981) is a visual artist living in Turku, who uses various materials and techniques. She works with painting, sculpting and video. ”I draw pictures in my mind, of you, me, and the prevailing. My works come out in the form they best fit in and take their own form to be best encountered.” 


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