Welcome to opening of the exhibition on Wednesday 17th November from 5 to 7 pm!


Image: Fear, 2021 (Kati Leskinen)


Kati Leskinen: Kindness doesn’t live here 18.11.–11.12.2021


People think that kind people are idiots who are easily fooled. Some take advantage of them to do their own work because kind people don’t know how to refuse. They help when others are in need, but sadly in a reverse situation support is not reciprocated. A kind person gets burned all the time by others, but what happens when they treat bullies with their medicine? Conflicts and drama, that’s what happens. All just because the line was crossed.

The exhibition explores the foundations of these observations are from everyday life and situations.


Kati Leskinen (born in Finland 1989) is a picture maker and a student. A student that doesn’t know when to stop being one. She studies in Lapland University in the Faculty of Art and Design. Kati specializes in work with paintings, installations, and urban art. She likes to use different kinds of materials and techniques in her pieces. For example, she recently used colour pigments from violets. Her reason for using such a unique technique was to find a different, more ecological method, to create urban art. The world of painting with ink takes you into comics and even in to the very first images ever drawn on cave walls. The foundation of her art is based on people’s communications and their inner world, with cryptic elements and references. The artist works and lives in Malminiitty, Vantaa.