Gallery Katariina presents the exhibition ZOO by Haruka Kashima 17 November – 4 December, 2022. Welcome! 

Image: Haruka Kashima – ZOO, detail 


Haruka Kashima: ZOO  

“Zoos are unnaturally natural places where geographical boundaries become blurred when Australian kangaroos peak curiously over the fence to observe Mongolian camels while lions roar in the depths of freezing winter.   

Zoos make me experience a vast number of emotions, ranging all the way from endless curiosity, amazement, and admiration to sorrow and intense nostalgia. Occasionally, amongst these other feelings, I experience a strong sense of being part of the kingdom Animalia myself.  

The more I think about it, the trickier it becomes to identify the driving force that has always gravitated me towards zoos in an obsessive manner.”    


ZOO is the third and last exhibition that is part of Haruka Kashima’s broader long-term project called MUSEUM. The other two exhibitions include SQUARE VARIATIONS (Galleria G, 2019) and MUSEUM (Galleria A2, 2021). This long-term project explores the paradoxical nature of artificially created environments.  

The aspiration to recognize something primitive that is fundamentally part of how we humans approach our surrounding habitats is at the core of Haruka Kashima’s artistic creation.    

The means of expression distinctive to Kashima are drawing and painting.  

The exhibition ZOO has been supported by the City of Espoo and Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taiteen edistämiskeskus). 




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