Piia Rossi: Once you were a rock, 2022

Gallery Katariina presents the exhibition Vistas by Piia Rossi 22.6.–10.7.2022


The art works in Vistas depict various places I have personally seen and experienced. Through these pieces I unravel my involvement with nature, my own history and people I have met. These visual memories help me to come to terms with feelings of longing, sadness and fear of loss. 

My working process is very slow, and I am intensely aware of the thread of life that I continue as I work; all my methods I have learned from the women of my family and the materials I use I have inherited from other people or collected from nature. I often think of the women who, at the end of the day’s work, still sit down to create with their hands, all over the world. 

I make installations that are made up of small parts, creating larger entities. I compose the shape, structure, and colors of the installations as if I was composing a painting. I combine monumentality and minimalism in my work by playing with size and quantity. I want the viewers gaze to wander in the works, amazed and discovering. The comments I receive about my work often deals with their sensitivity, feeling of peace, and skillful handling of the materials. 

Of particular importance to me in my work is the understanding of the materials and the mastery of the methods I use. In Vistas I use threads that live in dialogue with hard materials, such as stone and metal. I consider sustainability and ecology of art in relation to the consumption of materials. I have ended up using as many organic materials as possible, the industrially produced materials I get mainly from recycling. 

The exhibition has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland


Galleria Katariina, Rikhardinkatu 1, 00130 Helsinki 

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