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Heli Kuparisen teos 'Itsetutkiskelua'

Heli Kuparinen: Itsetutkiskelua (Self-examination, 2022, oil on canvas, 71 x 90 cm)


In my works, two worlds meet, because the figures in the paintings are disconnected from their environment and are in a place that is not their natural habitat. An Indian elephant is in a Finnish garden, as are siblings from the past. An evening dress model and her cats in a Finnish forest, a monkey holding a mirror in his hand from which he peers at his own image. The figures in my paintings are strangers in their own lives.

The war in Europe has also brought migration closer to us on a practical level. People are forced to leave their home regions, and then adapting to a foreign environment is a challenge for many.

In her book Strangers to Ourselves, Bulgarian-French philosopher Julia Kristeva addresses this topic in an interesting way: through the idea of strangeness created by migration, she mirrors the internal strangeness of people in their own lives.


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