Interested in membership of Helsinki Artists' Association?

The Helsinki Artists’ Association (HAA) promotes the modes of operation and position of the visual arts domain with diverse education, project, and exhibition activities as well as with multidisciplinary collaboration. Founded in 1967, the Helsinki Artists’ Association is an association advancing the interests of its nearly 900 professional visual artist members based in Helsinki.

The core activities of the Helsinki Artists’ Association include organising exhibitions and art lending services, international operations, and the course and education services in visual arts provided by the Art School. The association values sustainability, communality, professionalism, diversity, glocality combining locality and internationality as well as creative craziness, and it seeks to advance the availability and accessibility of the visual arts.

Helsinki Artists’ Association offers its members versatile member services and benefits. What is more, the members of HAA are also members of the Union of Finnish Art Associations and will thus be entitled to discounts of e.g. art museum entrance fees and art supply prices, and can apply for exhibition programmes.

Only professional visual artists residing in Helsinki may apply for the membership of HAA. Additionally, this year, art students may apply if they demonstrate established artistic practices. Membership can be applied for annually. The application can be submitted either in Finnish or English. The new members are selected by the Helsinki Artists’ Association Board. The current annual membership fee is €70.

2023 member application

The application round began on Sunday, 15 October 2023 and ended on Thursday, 30 November 2023. A total of 123 applications were submitted. The new members are selected by the Helsinki Artists’ Association Board according to the criteria set in the annual meeting. All applicants will receive information about the results by email.

2023 member application


The application round for new members 15 October–30 November 2023 has ended.

Thank you for your interest and submitting your application!

selection criteria

  • Professional visual artists living in Helsinki can apply to become a member of the Helsinki Artists’ Society. Art students can also apply.
  • Both art works and CV are examined, however, the quality of the art work has the greatest influence.
  • In your CV, highlight education, solo exhibitions, joint exhibitions, memberships in other artist organizations, collection purchases, public works, art projects/ performances/ other artistic activities, positions of trust, residency visits, art teaching, etc.
  • It is of the utmost importance to attach as good and up-to-date pictures of the art works as possible. Unity is a key word – do not submit a retrospective compilation from the last ten years or mixed selection of different works, but rather coherent selection of production from the last couple of years.