Values and sustainable development

The values of the Helsinki Artists’ Association have been determined in its Strategy that outlines the association’s operations 2021–2030. The Helsinki Artists’ Association values sustainability, communality, professionalism, diversity, and locality. Within its HAA Europe project, Helsinki Artists’ Association is committed to promoting sustainable development.


Art has significant intrinsic value. Helsinki Artists’ Association represents a diverse community of artists and seeks to improve the modes of operation for professional artists. Professionalism is manifested throughout artistic work. The association is proud for its operations and seeks to present the visual arts comprehensively and to improve its position in society. Professionalism also includes the transparency and openness of activities as well as experimentality and the element of surprise.


The Helsinki Artists’ Association aims at candid communality. Activities are planned together in an inclusive atmosphere, and an opportunity to participate in common operations is created. Being creative generates more open-minded and fun activities. Creativity is the main resource of the Helsinki Artists’ Association!

(internationality + locality)

As a strong local operator, the Helsinki Artists’ Association contributes to creating common European culture, art, and cultural politics. The meritious history of the association enables to view the future operational environment – operating in a global environment yet respecting locality. Strong locality is combined with international contemporary art.


The operations of Helsinki Artists’ Association are sustainable and climate friendly (low-carbon).