Laura Kansanen-Stavale’s exhibition Monotypes and musings opens on Thursday 8 February, at the Arabianranta Library. The exhibition will be on display until March 30th.
You are welcome to visit!
Kuva Laura Kansanen-Stavalen monotypiasta.
Image: Laura Kansanen-Stavale – Digging Some Roots Up, monotype, 2024. 20 x 25 cm.
Monotypes and musings
”The works exhibited at the Arabianranta Library are monotypes – art that emerges from surprises and chance. The process of making monotypes is inherently unpredictable, always accompanied by randomness. Each piece is its own narrative, bringing unexpected details and moods.
My works draw inspiration from the surrounding world, human encounters, and personal experiences. Each piece is like a reflection of a moment, emotion, or memory that might find its way into someone else’s recollections.
I hope that my works pique your interest and that you find in them perhaps your own memories and lived moments.”
Laura Kansanen-Stavale, Visual artist

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