The Turku Artists’ Association’s members’ exhibition SPRING SALON 2024 will be on display at the Helsinki Artists’ Association’s HAA Gallery 21 March – 13 April, 2024. The exhibition opening takes place on Wednesday, March 20, 5–7 pm – you are warmly welcome!

Kuva Lotta Lekan teoksesta "Takaisin suohon".

Image: Lotta Leka – Takaisin suohon (2023), monotype and oil paint
The Turku Artists’ Association’s members’ exhibition: SPRING SALON 2024
The Turku Artists’ Association’s members’ exhibition, SPRING SALON 2024, offers a generous variety of diverse art. The exhibition features art pieces from 43 selected artists. The exhibition was curated by intendant, Riitta Kormano, from over 200 art pieces that were submitted for consideration in the exhibition.
The art pieces submitted for the exhibition encompassed a wide range of themes. Curator Riitta Kormano chose to focus on two main themes: human relationships and the relationship with nature.
“Art conveys an individual’s identity question in various ways. The art of this exhibition often explores these themes with warmth and a subjective perspective. The experience of diversity and the acceptance of different people are central aspects of the exhibition. The art reflects a cultural coexistence and respect for each individual’s core,” Kormano explains regarding her selection process.
“Themes related to nature and the environment are intertwined with identity experiences and concerns that affect us all. The artists have translated their thoughts into images that depict humans or nature, drawing from the memories, hopes, and observations of the natural world. The artworks touch on various aspects of nature, including plants, landscapes, powerful weather phenomena, and the impact on humanity. The societal messages within the artworks are often subtly conveyed and require a deeper examination of things that may seem obvious. Some artists have transformed their expressions into abstract forms or condensed emotions. This calls for an interactive and contemplative approach from the viewer.”
The exhibition was curated from artworks that were also submitted for the 100th annual exhibition of the Turku Artists’ Association. The exhibition had an open call for all artists and art students from southwestern Finland, but only members of the Turku Artists’ Association were eligible for selection in SPRING SALON 2024.
Artists of the exhibition: Henri Tuominen, Laura Nevanperä, Milla Karppinen, Andréa Vannucchi, Lena Kuivisto, Kalle Pitkänen, Annika Dahlsten, Lotta Leka, Ilkka Aho, Sini-Meri Hedberg, Hilja Roivainen, Jone Mutka, Marianne Saarenvirta, Essi Peltonen, Mika Natri, Hanna Lamnaouer, Mervi Patala, Heli Sammalisto, Arja Pykäri, Helena Ruusulaakso-Norima, Annu Mikkilä, Arja Maarit Puhakka, Enda Ahlgren, Selma Aurora Haro, Kristiina Kivimäki, Anna Ellmén, Minna Sjöholm, Marjaana Nukarinen, Johanna Sinkkonen, Kati Immonen, Elina Ruohonen, Toni Hautamäki, Marjatta Holma, Jaana Saario, Janelin Kinnunen, Saija Hairo, Minna Poikonen, Nea Mattila, Helena Hartman, Vesa Aaltonen, Oili Puolitaival, Taru Salonen ja Samu Raatikainen.
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