Arabianranta Library presents the exhibition Ajatuskarkaamo by Ritva Touré 2 August – 30 September, 2023.

Welcome to the exhibition opening 15 August, 5–7 pm!

Kuva Ritva Tourén teoksesta.

Image: Ritva Touré – Ajatuskarkaamo, 2022, 65×80, oil on canvas

Ritva Touré: Ajatuskarkaamo

”All my paintings are expressive interpretations; there is no need to look for examples in reality or nature. The abundance of plants is a mental journey to where warm winds blow and flowers bloom as the diversity and abundance of nature and life offer us. The characters are a challenge to engage in an internal dialogue. I hope you will surrender to your own feelings and stories. The paintings of the exhibition change every 2–3 weeks.”

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