Gallery Katariina is delighted to present the exhibition Tallennus (Document) by Jan Anderzén 1–24 March, 2024.
We warmly invite you to the exhibition opening on Thursday, February 29th, from 5 to 7 pm!
Kuva Jan Anderzénin teoksesta.
Image: Jan Anderzén
”It put us in a stage of ecstasy. We started feeling as we were floating through the trees. It was unreal. Life became a film. It actually put magic into your life.” – Andreas Pavel, one of the first people to experience the personal stereo
”Once Dan told me he wished he could make art that was like a Kinks song.” – Kim Gordon on Dan Graham
In an era marked by unprecedented connectivity, Jan Anderzén embarked on a mission to translate Tomutonttu’s music into a tangible experience for human ears. This was carried out through a blend of sound recordings and performance journeys facilitated by modern communication channels and underground networks of camaraderie. Anderzén’s endeavor continues to unfold, the mission remaining far from completed.
Dust, the chosen venue, serves as a nexus where the visible merges with the invisible. In the house of Tomutonttu, in a deserted church, using natural light, inhabited by people speaking many languages and wearing little or no clothing.* The grayness of the dust is the result of mixing all the colors.
At the heart of Tomutonttu’s sonic landscape lies a tapestry of acoustic elements, found recordings, hardware and software, interwoven to create harmonies that defy convention. Through this synthesis, Anderzén explores novel avenues of human-machine interaction, offering glimpses into alternative modes of expression.
Delving into the enigmatic allure of music, Anderzén draws inspiration from a myriad of visual mediums – sheet music, dance, album artwork, music videos, synesthesia and cymatics. Through these lenses, he seeks to unravel the profound emotional impact that music exerts on the human psyche.
Tallennus marks the culmination of Jan Anderzén’s tripartite exploration across Helsinki during the winter of 2023–24, made possible through the generous support of the Kone Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.
*This sentence is based on the computerized poem The House of Dust (1967) by Alison Knowles.

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