Gallery Katariina presents Timo Ryhänen’s Visions, Feelings, Beings 21 July – 13 August, 2023. 

Welcome to the exhibition opening on Thursday, 20 July 5–7pm! 

Kuva Timo Ryhäsen teoksesta.

Image: Timo Ryhänen – Kids of the Electric Zoo, inkjet print on canvas, 180×130 cm, 2023 


Timo Ryhänen: Visions, Feelings, Beings 

Exhibition presents Timo Ryhänen’s Ambaria world and its inhabitants in the atmospheres of the coastal cities of Ambaria. Ryhänen’s works feature the fortress of the Bin Dynasty family and its history, a village of hat makers and a city dedicated to owls. In his underwater work, the inhabitants of Ambaria have developed properties similar to bioluminescence, which are reflected in the abstracted language of atomic forms. 


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