Welcome to the opening of Maiju Hukkanen’s and Sanna Horvath’s exhibitions on Wednesday 17 April 5–7 pm!
The exhibitions are on display from 18 April to 12 May 2024.
Taiteilijoiden teoskuvat yhdistettynä.
Image: Maiju Hukkanen (left) & Sanna Horvath (right)
Maiju Hukkanen: For a while today (Hall 1)
For a while today I felt like just a being in this body. Without gender or goals, a profession. l’m foraging mushrooms, using this body of mine. These eyes. l’m nothing, but something nonetheless.
ln these past two years l’ve lived out in the north, been alone, made new friends, traveled far away, lamented, fallen for someone and tried to accept myself. l’ve made pictures through all of this and they seem to filter out something good and mellow – new meanings out of the ordinary, the difficult and the oppressive.
ln my drawings, 1 try to look around and simultaneously in- and outwards. ln its slowness, drawing requires commitment to the image. The unfinished work moves from day to day besides my changing and recurring thoughts. When finished, the picture often has a kind of thought-like vigor that refuses to stand still.
There seems to be no destination. Only landscapes, attempts to see more clearly through your own or other kind of eyes.
Maiju Hukkanen (b. 1985) is a visual artist living in Helsinki. ln her drawings, she depicts worlds often left invisible. ln recent years, she’s been interested in dreams, our relations to other species, and the line between abstract and representational. Working by drawing enables the idea of the image to form slowly as part of the process.
The artist’s work has been supported by the Otto A. Malm’s donation fund.
Sanna Horvath: Delusion echoes in the footsteps (Hall 2)
The exhibition describes a journey without a goal, straying from the path and searching for direction. The route has backwaters, details or moments; stops that encourage you to continue elsewhere.
The exhibition Delusion echoes in the footsteps started from the artist’s interest in the moments of decisions that follow uncertainty – sometimes insignificant ones, sometimes big ones. All the same, the direction of life may change greatly.
The works in the exhibition are woodcuts on Japanese and handmade papers and engravings on tiles cut from tree branches.
Sanna Horvath is a visual artist living and working in Turku.
Horvath’s artistic work has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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