Malmitalo gallery presents the exhibition Possible paradises by Aino Jääskeläinen and Anna Seppälä 18 April –11 May, 2024. Welcome to the exhibition opening on Wednesday, 17 April 5–7pm!

Kuva Aino Jääskeläisestä ja Anna Seppälästä studiossa.


Aino Jääskeläinen and Anna Seppälä: Possible paradises 

”Possible paradises” is our first exhibition together. We have been working in same studio for years, and the idea of exhibiting together have been in our minds a long time. Our exhibition features colourful monotypes and mixed media paintings on paper from 2023–2024.  

We both draw on our personal experiences to make art, everyday life, relationships and being human. Our work is united by a certain jaggedness, randomness and splashiness: art, like everyday life, does not take place in a neat laboratory, but in the middle of life unexpected twists and turns. You can see a certain kinship in our works, they are like glimpses of the same world.  


“When I work, it’s like telling myself an indeterminate, plotless story, which I almost comprehend, and I am having conversations with the works.  

I mostly work with monotype, which is a print making technique, where each picture is unique. I like to call it a love child of painting and print making. Miracles come out of press, and nothing goes as planned. The work tells me what it needs, and I answer.”  


”I am interested in universal likeness between human and plants, symbiosis and symmetry between cellular respiration and photosynthesis. Our blood circulation system is reminiscent of the branches of a tree. We are physically part of the biosphere, and thus connected to every living thing on this planet.  

In my paintings there is often a figure that is not completely human, but party belongs to plants or insect world. How are we part of this world? How could we turn the endless human inventiveness to protect all the life we are now destroying? Could our empathy cover also forms of life that are not similar to ours?”  


Malmitalo Gallery,  

Ala-Malmitori 1, 00700 Helsinki  

Opening hours: Mon–Thu 8–8pm, Fri 8–6pm, Sat 10–4pm 


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