Arabianranta Library presents the exhibition Anyone is here by Heini Lehväslaiho 5 December, 2023 – 31 January, 2024! 
Kuva Heini Lehväslaihon teoksesta.
Image: Heini Lehväslaiho – On the Edge of the Space, mixed media, 74 x 56 cm, 2021
Heini Lehväslaiho: Anyone is here
Anyone Anyonesson is a combination of hamster-dog-monkey. She was born with wings on her back, but she had to let them go at an early age. She misses her wings, but notices that it is also possible to fly with the help of silence and imagination. Like for all of us stopping before everyday phenomena and wondering about things are also for Anyone the keys to seeing things in a new way. She will also press the limitations and go beyond the boundaries by simply and earnestly believing it is possible. Gazing down a dark hole, she says: ”On anything that you are able to see, there is at least some light”.
”Parts of the series of work called ”Anyone is here” have been presented in several exhibitions since 2022 and I am also working on a book of Anyone’s adventures. For my inspiration I look for the unity of humans, animals and all nature. I often picture animals strong and humans vulnerable and sometimes I mix people and animals all together. Despite of being incomplete the human being is part of nature which in its own right is perfect.”
Heini Lehväslaiho has been a Helsinki-based photographer for 20 years and now lives in the Finnish countryside in Pernaja as a full-time artist.
Arabianranta Library | Hämeentie 135 A, 00560 Helsinki
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