HAA Gallery presents the exhibitions by Kari Kärkkäinen (Jäljet pallolla, Hall 1) and Anna-Stiina Korhonen (Forbidden Outrageous Red, Hall 2) 26 October – 19 November, 2023. 

Welcome to the opening of the exhibitions on Wednesday 25 October 5–7pm.

Kuvat Kari Kärkkäisen ja Anna-Stiina Korhosen teoksista.

Image: Kari Kärkkäinen (left) & Anna-Stiina Korhonen (right)

Kari Kärkkäinen: Jäljet pallolla (Hall 1) 

The theme of Kari Kärkkäinen’s exhibition is the human footprint on earth.

Over the course of the industrial period man’s lifestyle changed from respecting nature to destroying it. We took possession of the earth for our own needs without caring about the living conditions of other species. The materialistic lifestyle has disrupted nature’s cycle. Buildings, roads, bridges, fields, fences, ditches and the so-called ‘forest management’ harm the environment, destroying the habitats of countless species. Approximately hundreds of vertebrate species as well as plants have died out on our planet during the last hundred years.

Kari Kärkkäinen has carved a series of reliefs out of wood in which he observe the traces that our actions have left on earth.

Kari Kärkkäinen (b. 1962, Sonkajärvi) is a sculptor working in Juva who uses wood versatilely in his work, for whom wood is his passion and primary material in a variety of techniques. He is specialized in aspen. Kärkkäinen promotes the protection of trees and forests, because he is a forest person at heart.

The exhibition has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Anna-Stiina Korhonen: Forbidden Outrageous Red (Hall 1)

Anna-Stiina Korhonen’s works look towards the past and reflect on the class background.

Anna-Stiina Korhonen’s exhibition is the artist’s personal analysis of taste and class. In her works, she deals with the aesthetics of her childhood home milieu and analyzes how her own class background was reflected in her artistic work. The exhibition consists of oil paintings and an installation.

Anna-Stiina Korhonen (b. 1980) graduated from the Free Art School in 2021. Forbidden Outrageous Red is her tenth solo exhibition. Korhonen is a member of the Finnish Painters’ Union and the Helsinki Artists’ Association. Korhonen’s next solo exhibition will open in August 2024 at Galleria Gjutars in Vantaa.

Anna-Stiina Korhonen’s work has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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