Malmitalo Gallery presents the collaborative exhibition Table for Two by Jaakko Autio and Hilla Väyrynen 31 August – 23 September, 2023.

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition on Wednesday, 30 August 5–7 pm!


Kuva kertoo Jaakko Aution ja Hilla Väyrysen näyttelystä.

Image: Jaakko Autio & Hilla Väyrynen

Jaakko Autio & Hilla Väyrynen: Table for Two

Table for Two is an interactive sound installation and sonic tarot reading by sound artist Jaakko Autio and music maker Hilla Väyrynen, which invites pairs – lovers and friends – to explore the presence and intimacy between them. The work can also be experienced alone, imagining a significant other across the bench. At the table, the experiencers will embark on a unique musical journey each time they listen, leading them to encounter themselves and each other in the present moment.
”With our work, we want to direct conscious attention to the human inner world, where one can feel a connection that transcends the contradictions of everyday life to oneself and to another. One can rest by the work.” – Jaakko and Hilla
The work deals with love and the encounter between two in a gently playful way with tarot cards and sound art. Table for Two presents listeners questions and imaginary tasks, and randomly draws songs adapted from tarot cards. These mirror the experiencer’s personal contemplation, offering a reflective surface where one’s current self can reveal itself. There are over half a million possible sequences.
Sound Artists: Jaakko Autio and Hilla Väyrynen / Script: Jaakko Autio and Hilla Väyrynen / Music and Narration: Hilla Väyrynen / Qlab and Arduino programming: Jaakko Autio / The work has been supported by the Regional Art Promotion Center of Southwest Finland, the city of Turku, and Valco.
Duration: approx. 15 min.
Language: Finnish
About the creators:
Jaakko Autio (b. 1981) is a sound artist and Master of Arts, whose installations have been exhibited at places like the Mikkeli Art Museum, Retretti, Seinäjoki Art Hall, and Tallinn Music Week in Estonia. He also works as a sound designer in the theater field.
Hilla Väyrynen (b. 1985) is a theatre composer-sound designer from Turku, a puppet theatre artist, and a master’s student in psychology.

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